About Us

Hi, gorgeous????

I'm Başak, the cofounder of our clothing brand, Ownyoursun.

Let me tell you some about our brand. Ownyoursun is a small, creative, and energetic business inspired by the Sun that brightens up your day and makes you feel energetic, and by nature that loads you up with health, motivation, calmness, and joy and makes you feel as comfortable as at home. That's why we care about being sustainable and eco-friendly with our designs. All our designs are being made by hands respectful to nature all the time.

I can say that we are born into a sustainable fashion world and don't know anything else out of it. We love it so much.

Then, we've thought about how can be more beneficial to this world besides our designs, maybe by reaching more people out there and encouraging them to become their own designers, artists creating their style and art.

So, we are here and very glad to come across with you, dear.

This is our journey so far, and we are very curious about yours, let us know what brings you here and makes you a part of our journey. You can share your thoughts with us by clicking “Let’s be friends!” at any time.

From now on, in this journey, we’re going to have really fun getting inspired, creating, and designing together. It rocks, and you're gonna love it ????